Welcome to Study Hall!


1) Come to Study Hall prepared to work for the full 70 minutes. Use this time to study individually to complete homework, class work and study for tests and quizzes. You will need to sit in your assigned seat.

2) Drawing, talking, sleeping and playing computer games is not allowed in Study Hall. Drawing will only be allowed if it is for an Art class and you have a note from your Art teacher.

3) MacBooks must be used for academic purposes. Students may only listen to videos assigned by a teacher. You will need to bring your own headphones. Listening to music while you work is not permitted.

4) If a student wants to meet with another teacher during study hall, the student must bring a note signed by the teacher in order to be excused.

5) Group work, pair work and talking to classmates is NOT allowed during Study Hall as this disturbs other students who are working.

6) Students who do not have work, should work on SRA Reading or SRA Math.

7) Students may be excused individually from Study Hall to borrow English story books from the library for ESL class.


Students will receive a grade at the end of each Study Hall session. The following rubric will be used:

The student brought work to Study Hall and utilized the full 70 minutes as a productive work session. The student made an effort to study and work independently on assignments and homework.

The student was not totally prepared for study hall. The student did not spend all of the 70 minute period productively. The student occasionally had to be reminded of the rules.

The student was either unprepared for Study Hall or wasted time on non-academic activities. The student had to be corrected and reminded of the rules.

The student was unprepared for Study Hall and had to corrected numerous times for breaking the rules.

The student did not follow the rules for Study Hall and did not use time to study.

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