1. Obey all school rules and guidelines as outlined in your Student Handbook.
  2. Please put your homework in the homework box at the beginning of class. Late homework will be penalized one letter grade every day it is late. If you hand in your homework on the day it is due, but after the beginning of class, than it is consider one day late. Forgetting your completed homework at home is not an acceptable excuse.
  3. Look at your teacher or at any person speaking to the class.
  4. Raise your hand if you want to speak or answer. Wait patiently for your teacher to call on you. Please don’t talk to your classmates without permission.
  5. KIS policy is that "each student at KIS is expected to speak in English at all times while on the KIS campus". Students who speak Arabic will be disciplined according to the procedures outlined in the High School Book.
  6. Do your own work. You will be told when you can work with others. Copying or letting someone copy your class work or homework is cheating and will result in no marks. Cutting and pasting assignments from the Internet is cheating and will result in a grade of 0.
  7. Speak nicely. Show courtesy and respect to others at all times.
  8. Please use the bathroom before or after class. You will be allowed to leave the room 3 times each semester.
  9. KIS policy is that "computers on campus may be used for legitimate, school-related teaching and learning purposes." Any other use, including listening to music and chatting with friends, is not allowed.
  10. Students should make up assignments they miss due to an absence. It is the students responsibility to find out what they have missed and submit this to the teacher within three days of returning to school. According to school policy, "Any student whose absence is determined to be unexcused, may not have the option to make up missed work."

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